Has anyone ever been to a NASCAR race when it is blazing hot in the stands? Yeah me too. Often I would bring a bathing suit top to wear and keep cool. Well I decided to make one that also supported my favorite driver, Denny Hamlin #11.

This could be done with most any bathing suit top, mine just happened to be on clearance for $1! He drives the Fed Ex car and the colors are black, purple and orange. So I also purchased black and purple ribbon, along with a lanyard with his name and number on it. My top also had multi colored beads. I used black and purple nail polish to paint these beads. Unless your top has these, you don’t need to do this.

Materials I used:
Swim suit top                    
Nail polish                          
Fabric glue


This is what the top looked like prior to alterations.

I started with painting the beads with my black and purple nail polish.

I then cut the lanyard so the name and number fit along the edge of the top. I used a lighter on the ends to prevent it from fraying.


I then did the same with strips of ribbon, cut to fit and used a lighter to prevent fraying. I glued in place with some fabric glue. And there you have it! NASCAR fans know how expensive merchandise can be. At the time that I made this, I could not find anything even similar. I made my own for under $20. The most expensive thing was the lanyard and I actually got a 2 for 1 deal on those as well. Maybe this will inspire someone for their own creativity! Go #11!!


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