Bottle Cap Coasters

Once again, it’s that time of the year again… Time to make a homemade Christmas gift for our annual exchange! My family is ‘outdoorsy’ and the gift needs to remain gender neutral. After looking through the internet for ideas, I decided on two things I could pair together. Today I decided to tackle the first project… Bottle cap coasters.

Materials (for one coaster):

9 Bottle Caps

6 Eye pins




Black Felt            

I purchased a package of 315 eye pins from Wal-Mart for $4 and 9”x12” sheet of black felt from Michaels for 30 cents. One sheet fit 6 coasters with a little left over.                              


1.       Collect 9 bottle caps you want to use in your coaster. And arrange as you like

2.       Use hammer and nail to carefully poke small holes in the cap so they may be strung together. This is pretty tedious in making sure all holes line up together. If they don’t your coaster will have trouble laying flat once put together.

3.       Once all caps have necessary holes in them, use eye pins to thread caps on. Do one row at a time. Once you have 3 caps on your pin, fold over pin to hold caps in place as shown. Do not bend eye pin super tight, leave a small amount of wiggle room, this will also help in making sure coaster lays flat on a surface.

4.       When you have 3 rows threaded together, use eye pins to connect the 3 rows. I started with the middle row so it was easier to make sure it was staying flat as I put it together.

5.       Once they are all connected, the back side will look like this…

6.       The coasters will remain flexible. Hot glue could be used if you wanted the coasters to be less flexible.

7.       Now you have your own bottle cap coasters for only pennies!

8.       I was going to use 1” furniture pads under the caps to prevent them from scratching furniture, but with the way the eye pins are arranged, it is nearly impossible to put the pads in every cap. So I cut felt squares and gave them with the coasters, so the coasters could sit on the felt and not scratch furniture. It also makes the coasters more practical as condensation will not leak through the bottle caps onto furniture, the felt will catch it. You can be creative with this part! If you have a better idea to prevent scratching, please comment!


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