Recycled Gift Tags

Every Christmas I get numerous Christmas cards from family and friends. They are nice and thoughtful, but every year I don’t know what to do with them. It is impossible to save them all, but it is also such a waste to throw them away. So I give them new life by creating them into gift tags! They are very simple or you can make them more detailed, depending on how crafty you want to get! It’s a good project for the kids too.

Old Christmas cards
Stencils (I use cookie cutters)
Glue stick (Optional)
Colored paper (Optional)
Ribbon (Optional)
Hole punch (Optional)


1.       Start by spitting the cards in half. Remove the part with the writing and throw away (or recycle!)

2.       Choose what design you want from the picture of the card. Some cards have definite pictures with lines you can simply cut and follow and others may have options for more than one picture tag.
3.       Decide of what shape you want the tag to be. Place your stencil on the card and trace.

4.       Cut out your design.

****You may stop after this step for the simplest tags possible or continue to add creativity! J

5.       I then glued my cut out design on colored paper and cut along the shape, leaving a border of the colored paper. (as seen in the picture)

6.       Repeat step 5 for added colors. I place something heavy on the tags so they dry flat.

7.       After allowing to dry, punch a hole in the corner of the tag.

8.       Use ribbon of choice tied through the punched hole and curl if desired.

9.       Write ‘To:’ and ‘From:’ on the back.


There you have it! Your very own gift tags recycled from used Christmas cards! You may also be more creative by using buttons, glitter, beads or other things to make them more decorative. Or you may just cut the shapes out and use them as tags like they are. If you have any alterations or other creative ideas you would like to pass on, please comment below!


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