Glitter Chip Clips

This year the other side of my family also decided to do a gender neutral homemade gift exchange. The pressure is on!! I was unable to make it to the Christmas celebration last year, so this would be my first year participating. This side of the family made a lot of baked goods and smaller type gift items, so it’s not quite as high pressure as the other side of my family. I decide to make these glitter covered clothes pins that could be used as chip clips.

Clothes pins                                       $1.00
Glitter                                                   $1.00
White glue                                          $1.00 for 3 bottles
Small paint brush
Clear spray paint                              $3.79


I purchased all items from the local dollar store, except the spray paint. The paint brush I had on hand, but you can get cheap ones, about 30 for $2.00 at Wal-Mart.




1.       Use paint brush to put a thin coat of glue on the clothes pin. I did one side at a time, allowing dry time between in order to prevent sticky fingers and glitter from falling off.

2.       Put glitter in a container that is easy to dip clothes pins in. Dip the glued side into glitter, shake off excess and place on newspaper to dry.

3.       Repeat this process until all sides are covered.

4.       Once pins are covered in glitter and dried, use clear spray paint and coat the glitter covered clothes pins. This helps prevent the glitter from falling off.


Another option would be to add a magnetic strip to one side of the pin so you can hang things on the refrigerator. I didn’t do this, but it’s an easy option to make them more versatile.

 I paired these with some homemade cookies and some gift tags that are featured in my next post


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