Whiskey Bottle Soap Dispenser

This is what I decided to pair with my bottle cap coasters. It fit the theme and seemed simple to make.


Empty whiskey bottle (I used the smallest half-pint size)

Soap dispenser                                

Liquid yellow soap          

Clear spray paint

Double sided tape

Scrap paper


I’m not a whiskey drinker and don’t know anyone who is… So I bought the whiskey, emptied it into another container so others could enjoy it on Christmas day! But if you know someone who has the bottle already, it will help save on cost. The dispenser is actually a shampoo dispenser that I got from Sally Beauty Supply for $2.00.  I bought the big 40oz bottle of soap for $3.00 so I could use the left over in my soap dispensers at home. And the spray paint was $3.79. So the total was $8.79 plus whiskey bottle cost if needed and you don’t use all the spray paint or soap! Still cheaper than a lot of store-bought dispensers!


1.       I did not want the label to get ruined with water from people washing their hands, so I used glossy clear spray paint to coat the label and give it some protection. Before spray painting the label, I used double sided tape and scrap paper to cover the whole bottle with only the label showing. Spray a couple thin coats to prevent drips. Allow it to dry completely.

2.       Rinse and dry the inside of the bottle.

3.       Cut the ring off the top of the bottle.

4.       The shampoo dispenser was too long for the half-pint sized bottle (would probably fit a pint perfectly). So I measured and cut off a little of the bottom to make a good fit.

5.       Fill with soap and cap with dispenser!


This was so easy to do and is very cute! I can’t wait to see how it goes over with my bottle cap coasters at Christmas!


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