Glow Run Fun

My friends convinced me to try some 5k's in 2016. Our first one was a glow run that offered a prize for the 'best dressed'. We weren't really sure how to proceed... We all love to dress up for Halloween and usually take it to the limit, but a run was something we hadn't encountered before. We decided to play it a little safe and dressed like 80's workout girls. It was something we could easily move in and not too 'out there'. In the process of creating our costumes, we all discovered our common birth year of 1987 and 'The Mother Runners' were born! Established in 1987 of course!

We didn't win first prize, but had a lot of fun and decided to go all out the next year.

So after some online research this year, we stumbled onto our costumes for 2017... Lightning bugs! And honestly, lightning bugs get so little credit. Almost all costumes are butterflies, bees and lady bugs. We were out to change that!

Again, we wanted it to be something easy to run in and the hardest part was deciding what to use for the 'bug butt'. We used black shirts and designed them with little lightning bugs, our team name and glow in the dark paint. We bought fairy wings from the dollar store and used safety pins to secure to our shirts. The original plan for the butts were to place glow sticks in balloons, but by total accident I found balloons with a LED light built in at Wal-Mart for 97 cents that worked perfectly. It's hard to tell in the pictures, but they looked really cool in the dark. We tied the balloons to the wings to secure them in place. For the antennas, we used pipe cleaners, mini pom poms, headbands with hot glue. The costumes were pretty simple to put together and low cost.

All of our hard work paid off, and we got 1st place! They even announced us as "The Mother Runners as Bees"... So much for getting the lightning bugs credit. We all ran personal best times, which isn't too bad for 30 year old Mothers ;) We may not win any races but costumes are definitely our thing! Now to decide on a costume for next year!


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