Rustic Jewelry Wedding Gifts

I will be getting married in June. Our wedding is an outdoor/rustic theme... very popular right now, but it fits our personality to a T! We are watching our dollars very closely and pinching pennies where possible. This is my second marriage and I feel like I wasted a lot of money on my first wedding (not just because it wasn't a success) in places that didn't need. One area where I found to save money, is on the gift to my bridesmaids. We are having a wedding party of 5 on each side, so it could get costly if we are not careful. Out goal was to stay under $100 for 5 gifts, and I was able to do this in more ways than one!

I wanted my girls to have uniform jewelry and I wanted it to have a rustic feel. I did many searches online but I wasn't able to find a necklace and earring set in the price range I was hoping for. So I started exploring at my local craft stores (Michael's & Hobby Lobby) to see if there was something that I could craft for them and JACKPOT! I was able to get all of the items I needed for 50% off or more, making my savings even greater.

My silver and turquoise sets cost $5.72. Compared to $30+ a set anywhere online. Plus you get to make them EXACTLY how you want them.

Here's how to make your own:

Start with:
Needle-nose plyers
Large beads of choice (Turquoise cross)
Small beads of choice (White pearls)
Fine Gauge Headpins
Kidney Ear wires

1. Start with deciding how you want your beads arranged. This took me a while, especially deciding on the exact beads I wanted to use. Once you have decided, slide them on to your headpin. 

2. Your headpin may need 'trimmed' with your plyers depending on how many/large your beads are. I had to take a little off of mine. You will then clamp the end of the plyers at the end of your head pin and wrap the pin around the plyers (shown below).  Once you have your loop, pinch it closed with the plyers. This may take several attempts or trials to get it exactly right, but your package of headpins comes with plenty of extra!

3. Slide your loop on to the ear wire and voila! Earrings!

The necklace is VERY easy and not much to it. Hobby Lobby offers many different pendants and necklace chains to choose from. And if you time it right like I did, they will be 50% off. 

Start with:
Chain length and style of choice
Pendant or beads of choice

1. I wanted an adjustable chain, that I could not find at the craft stores, but I was able to find them on ebay for a good price. They came with another pendant on them, so I slid it off and slid mine on. That's it!


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